Konstantin Abornev

CVO, LLC "Gelios"
Deputy General Director of Helios LLC. Over 12 years of field experience - participation, conduct and organisation of electrical exploration in various conditions.
The search for ore minerals using the technology of electromagnetic sounding and induced polarisation

The idea of ​​the electromagnetic soundings and induced polarization is to maximize the use of information from transients excited by rectangular bipolar pulses, which are used in traditional methods of direct current. This approach significantly increases the information content of traditional DC methods and makes it possible to study in more detail the lithological structure of the section. In addition, high-resistance screens are transparent for induction currents: permafrost, basalts, traps, etc., which significantly limit the field of application of direct current methods. As a result, the concept of a new technology of electromagnetic soundings and induced polarisation has been formulated, which will allow solving a wide range of problems in ore geophysics,