Provide the executive and political authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic with an international platform for presenting the activities aimed at improving the legislative framework, including development of a new Mining Code; introducing the KyrRC standard based on the CRIRSCO template; introduction of a moratorium on inspections of entrepreneurs; export of precious metals to raw materials; allotment of land for subsoil use, including geological exploration of minerals and small mining enterprises, license retention; the introduction of a dual system of training highly qualified specialists and workers.

To present promising business development opportunities in the mining industry, including the commissioning of new gold deposits; construction of metallurgical hubs engaged in the processing of refractory ores; attracting investments for the work on the assessment of forecast exploration resources of insufficiently studied deposits for the growth of mineral and raw material reserves.

Encourage the international exchange of experience on reducing social and environmental risks in the mining industry.

Present the best practices and technologies for geological prospecting, mining and mining construction with a view to their potential implementation at enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Present plans and projects for the modernization of the leading mining enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic.

To organize high-level meetings with investors and industry companies interested in the potential participation in projects in the mining industry of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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